Seroquel 100

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Seroquel 100

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Small pox matter. Collected from the pustules upon lan- cets, or the scales of the pustules are preserved ; used to commu- nicate the disease under favourable circumstances, instead of ha- zarding its being acquired when circumstances are unfavourable. Court plaster. Sticking plaster. Black Seroquel 100 silk is strained and brushed over with a solution of isinglass 1 oz., in proof spirit 1 oz., to which tinct, benz. 2 oz. is added : when dry this is repeated -i XIV. APPARATUS AND CHESTS. 511 five times more, after which, two coats are given it of a solution of tereb. Chia 4 oz., in tinct. benz. 6 oz., which renders it less liable to crack; but some finish it with a simple tincture of black bals. of Peru. 2. Isinglass 4 oz., tinct. benz. comp. 1 oz., water 2 oz. 3. Ichthyoc. finely shred, benzoin, styr. bals. ana 5], S. V. R. 3viij ; dissolve, and while warm spread over the strained silk three or four times : if it become too thick add a little S. V. R. 4. Mucil. g. tragac. ^ij, Bals.Peruv. 5J ; mix, and spread as before. 5. Instead of black silk, spread the composition upon goldbeat- ers' skins. Bleached sponge, Spongia dealbata. Soak the Seroquel 100 sponge in very dilute muriatic acid to get rid of any chalky matter it may contain, then in cold water for five or six days, changing the water frequently, and squeezing the sponge well each time. Soak it in sulphurous acid for a week, changing the acid frequently, wash it well, and scent it with rose water or orange flower. Spanish wool, Bezetta rubra, B. di Levante, Separate the colouring matter from Seroquel 100 safflower, as in making rouge ; using white crape to take the colour from the second solution in subcarbonate of soda water : used to colour the cheeks by rubbing the wool upon them. FOR THE KITCHEN. Claret rags, Toumesol en drapeaux, Bezetta Seroquel 100 ccerulea. Linen coloured with Auvergne archel : used to colour jellies and confec- tionary. Common claret rnga. Linen dipped in juice of blood- red grapes, or in juice of mulberries, or in lees of red and claret wine; ex- ported from France : used to colour the rind of Dutch cheeses. FOR USE IN THE Seroquel 100 ARTS. IJtmm pnppr ; Turmeric paper ; Seroquel 100 Reddened litmjis paper ; Perfumed cherry juice paper ; Mallow flower paper; Elderherry paper ; Elderherry paper altered hy ammonia ; Blue litmus paper ; Brazil wood paper ; Brazil wood paper altered by alkalies ; Juice of huckthorn paper. Are all made by staining paper with the infusion of the several substances. Paper stained with alcoholic extract of the yellmv powder at the hot^ torn of dahlia petah ; Acetate of lead paper ; Subacetate of lead paper ; Proto-sulphate of iron paper. Are made by staining paper with the M)iuiionsof the several substances in water. All of these are used as tests for discovering acids, alkalies, sulphur and other ingredients in comp)unds, or for ascertaining the point of neutralization in compounding acids with alkalies or other bases: those of litmus, litmus reddened, and turmeric, are the most in use. 512 XIV. APPARATUS AND CHESTS. Tracing paper. Nut oil, oil of turpentine, of each half a pint ; rub the paper with this oil, and dry it immediately by rubbing it with wheat flour ; this may be used to copy drawings or writings as soon as made ; if washed over with ox gall it will bear being written upon with ink. Storm glass, Camphire 5ij, saltpetre 5jss, sal ammoniac 5ss, S. V. R. 3ij ; dissolve, keep in a bottle or tube covered with a bladder : used to foretell changes of weather. Lead tree. Sugar of lead ^vj, distilled or rain water 2 pints; dissolve, and hang in it, by a thread, a small piece of zinc. Tin tree. Muriate of tin 5iij, nitric acid 10 drops, distilled water about 2 pints ; mix, and hang in it a small piece of zinc. Phosphorus bottles. Phosphorus 5ij, lime 5j, mixed together, put into a loosely stopped phial, and heat it before the fire, or in a ladle of sand, for about half an hour. 2. Phosphorus 5j, cera alba gr. XV, put it into a bottle under water, and melt them together, let the water cool, and as it begins to grow solid, turn the bottle round, that the sides may be coated, then pour out the water, and dry it in a Seroquel 100 cool place. Matches for instantaneous light. Oxymuriate of potash, flowers of sulphur, of each 3ss, vermilion gr. ij, oil of turpentine q. s. to make a paste, with which coat the ends of slips of wood, previously dipped in oil of turpentine and dried ; when these matches Seroquel 100 are plunged into oil of vitriol and immediately withdrawn, they take fire instantaneously. To prevent the oil of vitriol from spilling, if the bottle should accidentally fall on one side, pounded asbestos or sand is put into the bottle to soak up the acid. 2. Oxymuriate of potash gr. ix, sugar gr. iij, flowers of sulphur gr. ij, vermilion gr. j, wheat flour gr. ij, spirit of wine q. s. ; the wood to be previously primed with camphire dissolved in spirit of wine. Glue wafers f Medallion wafers. Colour Salisbury glue by means of Brasil wood, turmeric, or the like : fill up the hollow part of a seal with gum water mixed with any coloured powder, leaving the flat part clear ; then pour as much of the melted coloured glue on the seal as will lie upon it, Seroquel 100 and let it dry in a gentle heat ; when used, wet the paper where the wafer is to be applied, 'and place the back of the wafer upon the wet paper. Waxed paper. Cartridge paper placed on a Seroquel 100 hot plate, and rubbed with bees'* wax : used to form steam pipes, gas pipes, or to Seroquel 100 close the joining of vessels by merely wrapping a shp of it round them, and tying it down with twine.
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